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Request for comment: Civil Jury Instructions

28 Jul 2016 1:53 PM | OCHBA Administrator (Administrator)

The Advisory Committee on Civil Jury Instructions has approved and posted for public comment its 29th release of proposed revisions and additions to the civil instructions (CACI). This release includes proposed new and revised instructions and verdict forms in response to developments in the law over the last six months. The committee is very interested in your input.
The proposed changes and additions are available for viewing on the internet at Only these currently proposed changes and additions are being submitted for comment at this time. We will gladly accept other comments, but the committee will not be able to consider them until the next release cycle.
Our preferred way of receiving your comments is in a Word file attached to an e-mail sent to However, you may also respond online.  And we have also posted a comment form that you may use to comment on individual instruction or groups of instructions. Please do not comment by Reply All to this e-mail.
Comments by letter should be sent to:
Mr. Bruce Greenlee, Attorney
Judicial Council of California
Advisory Committee on Civil Jury Instructions
455 Golden Gate Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94102
The deadline for receiving comments is Friday, August 26, 2016 at 5:00 p.m.

All comments will be reviewed by the advisory committee, which will make recommendations to the Judicial Council's Rules and Projects Committee and then to the full council. Comments received will become part of the public record of the council's action.
When submitting comments, please:
Indicate whether you agree with the proposal, would agree with the proposal if it is modified, or do not agree with the proposal.
Clearly identify the specific language in the instruction that you are commenting on.
Suggest alternative language, if appropriate.
Provide any applicable authority for your position.
We encourage your comments and critique because they help us refine both the particular instructions and the more global choices about format and approach.  We appreciate your participation in this effort.
On behalf of the Advisory Committee on Civil Jury Instructions
Hon. Martin J. Tangeman, Chair

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